How to Become a Seller

Confirm the agreed upon arrangements with a short easy to read contract.

BPR staff will compose a photographed and researched digital catalog offering your estate to individuals, dealers and collectors nationwide. 

The catalog will be available over a period of 4 – 7 days for active bidding. 

The catalog will be advertised and available online to over 30K qualified buyers nationwide via targeted social media campaigns, enormous email marketing efforts, and national estate sale marketing channels. 

The online estate auction will begin to close at a published date and time. At this time, the auction timer will expire and online bidding will end. 

Our auctions engage a soft close option, which extends the timer during active bidding; allowing all bidders to respond before the timer closes out. 

Starting the day after the auction closes, the winning bidders will settle payment and pickup their items. 

After all payments are processed, a detailed summary of the entire estate sale along with a check will be mailed to you. The summary will list a detailed itemized list including the catalogued item and the price sold. This settlement check and statement will be mailed to you within 14 days after the closing date.