How do I register to bid?

 To bid in a BPR Online Auction, follow one of the two steps below: 

Why is my credit card being declined during registration?

Auction flex does check validity of each credit card that is given on  file. If  your credit card information is being declined, please double check that  all information given is correct. If so, and still declining you may  need to check with your credit card company, the card must be a valid  number, with a valid expiration date. 

What is a soft close?

 During auction closing you may continue to bid until the timer is  expired, the timer will continue to extend the time as long as the  bidding continues, this is a soft close 

How do I view the lots I am currently bidding on?


  1. Log in to your bidder account
  2. At the top you will see four colored circles, the first will be a  green circle, by clicking on this a screen will appear with all the  items you are currently winning
  3. Or click on your bidder name at the top of the screen, a drop down list will occur, click on “Current Bids”

I have a question about a lot. What should I do?

We attempt to describe all these items to try to give you a visual of  the item you are bidding on, we describe them to the best of our  ability. If you have questions or are NOT SURE about the condition of or anything pertaining to an item in our auction, preview is highly  encouraged.  If you choose to bid without previewing, you are accepting the item as is. 

Why did the auction end after the original closing time?


  • The auction will begin to close at the published time.  The auction will close at the rate of a few lots per minute.
  • Also, due to soft close, a lot may stay open for quite sometime with the extended time that is added.

I forgot my login name and/or password.


  • Enter into a particular open auction
  • At the top right click on Login/New Bidder
  • Enter your username and select “Forgot your password”
  • Follow the prompts

Is there a fee to buy?

 Yes!  We charge everyone a buyer's premium: 10% when paying with cash or check or 13% when paying with credit card,  plus tax. 

What if I am tax exempt?

 We will gladly take off your tax if you provide us with a valid sales tax number. We will need a copy for our records.